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St. Eve's Apostolic Johannite Church is a mystical, Christian community that services the greater Harrisburg, PA area. St. Eve affirms that the path to the Divine is best travelled not by faith but it is by gnosis, knowledge or personal experience, that we are lead to Eternity. Through sacramental ritual, the creative arts and the spirit found in community and friendship, we strive to open our individual and communal consciousness to knowledge of the Indwelling Christ.

As Johannites, we find ourselves firmly rooted in the literature and traditions of St. John, the Beloved Disciple. We affirm a universal Spirit that flows through all phenomena and creation, animating the continuous plot hidden in the story of universal existence. We affirm the spiritual value found not only in the Old and New Testament, but also in once lost, yet not forgotten Gnostic literature such as the Nag Hammadi Library and the Corpus Hermeticum. Most importantly, we affirm that it is gnosis and not faith, that through our own journey, our own story and our own living relationship with the Indescribable Divine that liberates us from a consciousness of ignorance and selfishness. As a community, we support the individual soul on their journey through prayer, charity and neighborly love and welcome all who are seeking a family of spiritual individuals with whom to share their journey. For more on the AJC's Principles, please click here.

St. Eve's gathers together for a myriad of different spiritual opportunities. Some are spiritually focused such as a Sunday Liturgy and Gnostic devotionals; others are a bit more secular such as lectures and classes on mystical and esoteric Christianity. For a full listing of events, please freely visit our Calendar of Events.

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