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The Solitary Gnostic Path

Know Thyself! This popular maxim has been a central tenet of spirituality for thousands of years, crossing international borders and breaching through language and culture. This directive, the answer to the question of who we are in relationship to ourselves and those around us, the enlightenment that we all seek, is the gnosis that the Gnostic Christ promises.

The personal nature of the Gnostic journey makes it difficult to describe. For each individual sojourner, the path to knowledge is different and while the journey may be challenging to convey, it is not impossible. Today's Gnostics have been blessed with centuries and generations of Gnostic pioneers who have left the testimonies of their journey for the seekers of today. From these testimonies, the stories of those currently walking the path and the teachings of the Gnostic Church, some universal practices can be identified. St. Eve actively engages many of these practices for our own spiritual advancement, either through group work, personal practice or mentored study.

The options to the right are a number of spiritual opportunities that St. Eve offers to any who are interested. Please click each one to read more about them.

This by no means is an exhaustive list of Gnostic practice and discipline. St. Eve ascribes that the road to God is diverse and open to all sorts of needs and preferences. This myriad of experience allows one to find, learn and teach from the wealth of our journey for the benefit of the Gnostic wanderers still walking the Holy Path. The Johannite Church not only provides for communal practice but also encourages the individual seeker to forge their own path, find their own way and create the spiritual tools necessary for one's own spiritual journey. While this path may be individual and unique, at St. Eve's Apostolic Johannite Church, you will find others who are also walking their own path, sharing their experiences, the wisdom and their support, leading all to the knowledge of God.